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I'm Melissa Nealy, CPM, IBCLC


I'm Melissa Nealy, CPM, CFT, LM


My journey into midwifery began in 2010 when I delved into research on childbirth. It became clear to me that, just like other mammals, human labors work best without unnecessary intervention. A YouTube video about home birth sparked my curiosity, leading me to explore the world of midwives. I was captivated by their perspective, which viewed childbirth as a normal part of a woman’s life. The midwifery model of care focused on the individual, providing nutritional, emotional, and lifestyle counseling, intervening only when necessary.

One of the core principles that drew me to midwifery was the belief in information sharing and empowering women to make decisions for themselves and their families. In contrast, the medical model of care often involved numerous interventions, treating pregnancy as a potential problem rather than a natural life event. Doctors and even some midwives in hospitals often dictated the course of events, leaving little room for empowerment or individual decision-making.

My own experiences had not been empowering, and I yearned for the right to make choices about how my baby and I would be cared for during our childbearing year. Although I was determined to become a midwife after my daughter’s birth, the timing wasn’t ideal due to our young children and the on-call nature of the profession.

Instead, I pursued a path in lactation. In 2013, I became a La Leche League leader, supporting countless women through the challenges of breastfeeding in the postpartum period. Then, in 2018, I became an IBCLC and began attending births alongside midwives. This experience further solidified my passion for midwifery, prompting me to immerse myself in the study of this remarkable field. I eagerly sought opportunities to assist midwives in the Houston area, learning from their diverse approaches. While I officially studied under three midwives, I am grateful to every healthcare provider who has contributed to my education.

Throughout my journey, I have always embraced the role of an educator. Whether it was sharing knowledge about the physiology of the voice with my students, enlightening fellow lactation consultants and midwives about the breastfeeding dyad, or continuously expanding my understanding of prenatal processes, labor, and birth, I have been driven to pass on valuable information to those in my care.

My life’s path has taken me through various roles, including an opera singer, an elementary and middle school music teacher, a stay-at-home mom, a lactation consultant, a birth assistant, and a doula. But it is in midwifery that I have discovered my true calling. I am excited to embark on this journey of serving you, combining my passion for empowering women, my knowledge in lactation, and my commitment to providing compassionate and informed care as a midwife.

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