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Generally home birth is safe for low risk clients. There are some reasons that you can risk out of a home birth at any point in care or you might have a diagnosis that means home is not a safe place to have a baby. To determine your specific risk please book a consultation with Melissa. I do take VBAC, breech and twins, see below for further information.

Yes, I have handled various complications encountered in the course of pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period. Have I seen everything there is to see and handled every complication ever? No. My job is to think fast on my feet, to use my ability to research, my knowledge and my expertise to provide you with the best information and skills I can.
My responsibilities end where your rights begin. Choosing a home birth means that you have the right to choose what is happening and that you take on the responsibilities for those choices and their outcome. That doesn’t mean I randomly put choices in front of people and expect them to arbitrarily choose what to do. I provide information with as little bias as possible, you do your own research and come to a choice. I then respect your choice as long as it is in alignment with my boundaries which are determined by state and national law, my research, experience and practice guidelines.
I utilize an electronic health records program with a chat feature that I check regularly and respond to between 8am and 8pm daily. If you have an emergency at any time then you may call me.
The short answer is yes. The long answer is that your first consult is free. This is a visit to ensure that we both feel this is a good fit. If you choose to hire me then at your first visit there is a $1000 non refundable deposit. After that we can find a payment plan that fits your circumstances. Ideally you are finished paying off by 36 weeks. Other payment plans may be available depending on circumstance and request.
I work with a biller who you can work with to try to seek reimbursement. The process is such that you will go to her website and pay $35 for an estimation of benefits. Remember that an estimation of benefits is not a bill. She will then use that information to file after the birth of the baby. You will still need to pay me directly by 36 weeks or other payment plan and if she receives money from the insurance company then you will be reimbursed the amount minus 10% that will be used to pay the biller for their services. I’m happy to discuss this further at an initial consultation.
I can take credit cards, and there is an additional $200 fee for paying with a credit card.
It is my opinion that every home birth midwife should have breech birth skills and be able to handle breech babies just as they should be trained and able to handle other obstetric emergencies. So yes, I do breech.
I am trained on twin births however I need to hire two additional midwives to attend a twin birth and that cost is $2000 to be added to the global fee.
With a few exceptions (certain types of incisions and surgical histories) VBAC is proven to be a safe option for women desiring a VBAC and I do offer VBAC support.
There is no minimum gestational age for visits. I do offer the sneak peak (blood test to find out baby’s gender) and progressive genetic testing through a lab called Unity that is optimally accurate at week 10. For most clients week 10-12 is a good time to have the first visit
In the office I do have a Butterfly Ultrasound that we can use for non diagnostic use. For dating ultrasounds and for the fetal anatomy scan you will be referred to an ultrasound radiographer.
Many of our clients choose to hire a doula who are trained specifically in comfort measures. Most women in an out of hospital setting make use of freedom of movement, submersion in water, as in the case of a birth pool or bathtub. Epidurals are not an option for out of hospital birth.

My primary clinic day is Thursday though I have some flexibility for other days as needed.

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